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Helping organizations adapt to the pandemic.

My expertise in preparedness, response, and recovery from pandemics is unique and tailored to the current climate of evolving, inconsistent data, public perceptions, and regulatory irregularities.

My bespoke services include:

1) Contingency and continuity of operations planning; 

2) Strategic internal and external communications; and, 

3) Tailored data interpretation to understand the realities beyond aggregated and typically reported data.

My clients include nonprofits and private companies ranging from Fortune 100 to boutique firms. I work closely with my clients to meet their needs and determine the best approach forward in these evolving, ever changing times.

Consulting: Services
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Insights from my clients and colleagues.

"I have already told my family about your work, it is important to all of us" - Senior Executive, Financial Services Firm

"Thank you for working with our agents, we received such positive feedback"- Chief Executive, Luxury Travel Planning Firm

"You are the only one I trust for my coronavirus information, I rely on your insights to make my decisions"- Agent, Travel Services Firm

"Rachael is a great communicator, she breaks down the material and makes it easy for our members and staff to understand in these challenging times"- Services Coordinator, Property Management Firm

"This is the sort of help we need, hands on, quick, reliable, and easy to work with"- Executive, Production Firm

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